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7 Proofs Of God – Part 2

Before we talk about this important proof, we have to understand first what the word “evolution” means.  This word is applied to many operations.  Musical development from  simple to complex is, in one way, a type of evolution.  This term is also applied to all the technological inventions which have led many to imagine that… Continue reading 7 Proofs Of God – Part 2


Official Papal Statement – Zeitoun Apparition 1968!

Since the evening of Tuesday April 2, 1968 (the 24th of Bramhat, 1684 A.M.), the apparitions of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary, Mother of Light, have continued in the Coptic Orthodox Church named after Her in Zeitoun, Cairo. The apparitions occurred on many different nights and are continuing in different forms. The Holy Virgin Saint… Continue reading Official Papal Statement – Zeitoun Apparition 1968!


What Came 1st – Chicken or the Egg? Solved!

BRITISH scientists believe they have cracked the answer to the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Researchers have found that a protein called ovocleidin (OC-17) is crucial in the formulation of eggshells, and it is produced in the pregnant hen’s ovaries, the DAILY EXPRESS reports.  Therefore, the answer to the… Continue reading What Came 1st – Chicken or the Egg? Solved!

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Coptic Motorcycle Association

Do you know any Coptics that are into motorcycles?  ……if so, then please help us gather them together as the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney and affiliated regions has now formed the first Coptic motorcycle club in the world. The C.O.C.M.A. (Coptic Orthodox Christian Motorcycle Association) is a multi-faceted extension of the Coptic Orthodox… Continue reading Coptic Motorcycle Association

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10 Ingredients for a Happy Family

A Christian family has special traits that spring from the Christian concept of sacred marriage and the commandments of the Bible for the married couple about how to deal with each other and how to bring their children up. The family in the Christian concept is a small church, for St. Paul says: “To Philemon… Continue reading 10 Ingredients for a Happy Family