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Are you the “Forgiver” or “Grudge Bearer”?

By Bishoy Marcus It is hard to fathom why some people just get so upset over matters that really do not have any forbearance on their life or future. It amazes me how often people become so down trodden and depressed over very minor and usually insignificant grievances. This perhaps may be some sort of… Continue reading Are you the “Forgiver” or “Grudge Bearer”?

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Official Coptic Orthodox Bike Club

It’s official. The Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney and affiliated regions has given the blessing and approval to the Coptic orthodox Christian Motorcycle Association. No doubt the first Coptic Orthodox Christian bike club in the world and quite possibly the first amongst all Orthodoxy. All Coptic motorcyclists or any Coptics that are interested in… Continue reading Official Coptic Orthodox Bike Club

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Is Real Fasting – Soy Everything?

As we approach Great Lent every year, there seems to be a rush of interest in finding good fasting recipes that are fast, easy and nutritious. More and more often, those recipes seem to include some kind of soy or other vegetable product that has been processed to look and function like meat or dairy… Continue reading Is Real Fasting – Soy Everything?

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An Orthodox Remedy For Depression!

“Nowadays people often feel sadness, despair, lethargy, laziness, apathy, and all things satanic.  They are downcast, discontent and melancholy.  They disregard their families, spend vast sums on psychoanalysts and take anti-depressants.  People explain this as ‘insecurity.’  Our religion believes that these states derive from satanic temptation. Pain is a psychological power which God implanted in… Continue reading An Orthodox Remedy For Depression!

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Euthanasia – A Coptic Perspective!

Euthanasia’ is a Greek word that means ‘happy death. It is used to signify the medical intervention in discontinuing the life of patients with complicated diseases, or those who suffer sever pain from incurable diseases. This intervention is seen as stemming from the doctor’s mercy and pity on his patients. The concept also calls for… Continue reading Euthanasia – A Coptic Perspective!