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Friendship Flowchart!

C.S.Lewis says friends are people that are travelling in the same direction, have similar aspirations and goals and encourage each other in attaining those goals. Friends are not people that pull you down, they’re not people who are jealous (though sometimes that happens). They are people who can handle your talents and gifts and help you to develop them with thoughtful advice and direction.

Genuine friendship means caring and concern and a desire to people develop – not jealousy and frustrating the other persons dreams and desires. Friendship is DOING and not just TALKING. Friendship doesn’t always expect something in return. Friendship is critisising only to build up the other party – there is such a thing as positive critisism and as a friend you should be able to accept this kind of help.

Below is a flowchart devised for Year 10-12 Sunday School Youth @ St Barbara & St Noufer Coptic Orthdox Church, outlining the path to choose true christian friends.

CLICK HERE For Flowchart!

Bishoy Marcus

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