Saint Movies

St Abanoub

St Abaskhairon

Fr Abdelmassih El Manahry

Bishop Abraam of El Fayoum

St Abu Kastoor

St Abu Sefin

Fr Amon

St Ana Simone

St Anastasia

Fr Andrawis

St Arabsima

St Badaba

St Baesa the Kind

St Bakhomious

St Barsoum

St Bebnouda

St Beshnoona

Fr Bishoy Kamal

St Bishoy

St Demiana

Mother Dolagy

St Elaria

Elijah the Prophet

St George the Martyr

Deacon Habib Guirguis

St Hermena

St Ibrahim El Gohary

Fr Ibrahim the Simple

Job the Prophet

St John Chrysostom

St Karas

St Keriakos & St Yolita

Pope Kirillos the 6th

Fr Kloug

Mother – Tamav Irene the Nun

Mother of the Needy

St Macarius the Great

St Mark the Apostle

St Marina the Martyr

St Marina the Monk

St Mary the Egyptian

St Maximous

Fr Mettaous El Faghoury

Fr Mikhael El Behiry

St Mina the Miracle Worker

St Mohraeel

St Moses the Black

St Oneseimus the Slave

St Peter the Apostle

St Paul the Hermit

St Philotheaus

St Photini

St Refka

St Samuel the Confessor

St Sara & Her Two Sons

St Sarabamoun

St Shenouda the Archmendrite

Pope Shenouda the 3rd

St Simon the Tanner

St Stephen the Deacon

St Tobit

St Thomas the Monk

St Wannas

Fr Yassa Mikhail

St Yostina Kibrianos

Fr Yostos El Antony – The Silent Monk


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