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A Dialogue On Protestant Thought!

By Deacon Stavros Markou The following Orthodox Christian patristic quote recently featured as a status on my Facebook wall: ‎“Set your mind on following the path of saints. Prefer a simple style of life. Wear unremarkable clothes. Eat simple food. Behave in an unaffected manner. Don’t strut around as if you were important. Speak from… Continue reading A Dialogue On Protestant Thought!

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Cyril’s 12 Anathemas

Following intense arguments with Nestor, Cyril of Alexandria proposed the following 12 rules of which if any where broken, the individual would be anathematised, meaning formally set apart from the church, ie excommunicated. The council of Ephesus endorsed these rules and they are mentioned below. 1. If anyone does not confess that Emmanuel is God… Continue reading Cyril’s 12 Anathemas