Liturgical Service Texts

Agpia – Coptic English Arabic

Annual Midnight Praises


Bathing Prayers

Bright Saturday


Coptic Days 12 21 29


Fast of Great Lent

Fast of Jonah

Fast of Nativity – Kiahk

Feast of Archangel Michael

Feast of Entry into Egypt

Feast of Paramoun of Epiphany & Epiphany

Feast of Paramoun of Nativity & Nativity

Feast of Resurrection – Ascension & Pentecost

Funeral Services – Clergy

Funeral Services – Laity

Glorification for Philopateer Macarius

Glorification for Pope Kirillos

Glorification for St Bishoy

Glorification for St George

Glorification for St Mary & Saints

Glorification for St Mary

Glorification for St Mina

House Blessings

Kiahk Midnight Praises

Lakan Holy Thurday

Lakan of Apostles

Lakan of Epiphany

Lazarus Saturday – Palm Sunday – General Funeral

Litugy Vespers & Matins Liturgy


Prostration Prayers

Unction of the Sick

Wedding Ceremony

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