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The Apostolic Passion!

The apostles served the Lord Jesus and later provided leadership to the first generation Christian believers. They were of such importance that the word “apostle” occurs approximately seventy-nine times in the New Testament. Acts of the Apostles portrays the apostles as leaders of the first church in Jerusalem during the Church’s first decade. The apostles… Continue reading The Apostolic Passion!


St Monica – The Patron Saint of Alcoholics & Mothers!

Our knowledge of St Monica comes almost entirely from the writings of her much-loved son, the great Doctor of the Church, St. Augustine of Hippo. His relationship with his mother was a close one, especially during Monica’s last years. In Book IX of St. Augustine’s he gives us many details of her life, and expresses his… Continue reading St Monica – The Patron Saint of Alcoholics & Mothers!


St Ephraim The Syrian – How Many Times Have I Promised?

 “How Many Times Have I Promised, Yet Every Time I Failed to Keep My Word. But Disregard This According to Your Grace.” This is the most amazing prayer of contemplation on Man’s Life as accounted to us by St Ephraim The Syrian. A truly moving tribute to God’s Endless Love and Forgiveness! Plus a stern warning for… Continue reading St Ephraim The Syrian – How Many Times Have I Promised?

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“Fasting is the champion of every virtue, the beginning of the struggle, the crown of the abstinent, the beauty of virginity and sanctity, the splendor of chastity, the commencement of path of Christianity, the mother of prayer, the well-spring of sobriety and prudence, the teacher of stillness, and the precursor of all good works.” Being the… Continue reading ST ISAAC THE SYRIAN on FASTING