Christians at the Time of Prayer!

At another time, as the son of a king, he confides in the Son of God as his own father, and the doors are opened to him, and he goes into many mansions. And the farther he goes in, they are again opened to him in proportion, from one hundred mansions to an hundred others, and he is rich: and the more he is enriched, there are again others, and those newer wonders, discovered to him. And he is entrusted, as the son and heir, with things that cannot be spoken by human nature, nor pronounced by the mouth and tongue.

CLICK HERE to continue reading Homily 5 of St Macarius the Great!

2 thoughts on “Christians at the Time of Prayer!

  1. I guess you grasp it when you get there, but the way he is writing it makes me think that he himself has not fully grasped what blessings God Bestows on man through powerful prayer!

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