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7 Proofs Of God – Part 5

We live in a world that is extremely complex and which is designed in an amazing way.  The dawn always breaks; the deserts, mountains, and rivers all exist in harmony in surpassing beauty so long as man does not interfere with them!  Nothing lives or dies for itself; all types of life are interdependent.

The traditional question about evolution is: which appeared first, the ear of wheat or the seed?  Did the seed evolve slowly thoughout millennia independently of the stalk of wheat from which it derives its life?

Did the flowers, grasses, and trees evolve very slowly during millions of years independent of the small seeds that are the basis of their lives?

These are difficult questions for the evolutionist to answer, exactly like the old question:  Which appeared first, the egg or the chicken?  The scientist claims this question is trivial, and the reason is that he simply does not know the answer. He therefore prefers to turn this question into a laughable joke in order to avoid having to answer it.

This complex cooperation between the different forms of life proves the existence of a Creator and Architect.  He is the great designer before Whom lies this universe in all its   complexity.     He    gives  it   the ability to exist.

Nothing lives or dies for itself.  Plants and animal decompose after death to provide other living organisms with more life.  A tree lives, then dies and falls to become part of the earth in a forest and thus provides the small insects with the basic requirements of life.

This great and complex universe and this complex earth on which we live and whose air we breathe are the work of a Great Designer.

The properties of metals, the wings of birds and flies, the beauty of the dawn, the facets of a beautiful crystal, all these, and above all, the amazing wonder of the body of man, tell of an Immortal Designer.

The order found in the universe declares the existence of a Designer.

6 thoughts on “7 Proofs Of God – Part 5

  1. Hey TWOM

    I am providing you with things that you can see and substantiate. Neither does it need millions of years to happen or show.

    The complexity is immense.

    Chance hahhaha doesnt even stand a chance.

    The same can be said, where is evidence for the existence of no God?


  2. Hey TWOM

    “Professing to be wise, they become Fools” – St Paul

    Let us assume that the bible doesnt exist and is False!

    What about the world we live in, the millions of varieties of plants, the multitude of sea animals, the beauty of the birds in the air, the power of the wild animals, the plethora of creatures in the sea, the complexity of humans, the intricate design of even the smallest bacteria, the magnificence of the universe, do not all these point to an intricate, brilliant, truly conquering designer.

    I guess your answer will be no, youd rather believe it all came by chance.

    Well i guess thats saying something, isnt it?


  3. Hi bish, I am enjoying the conversation, I hope you are also.

    Jerry Coyne has a book called “Why Evolution is True” that has very good descriptions and information on how these things come about. Richard Dawkins book “The Greatest Show on Earth” also describes the processes in a very understandable manner.

    This is happening all over the natural world; science is proving that the old Biblical saying of “God did it” is not necessarily true. As the science gets more and more advanced the need for “God did it” gets less and less. There are not many gaps left for God to fill.


  4. Hey TWOM

    I am enjoying it to

    It is apparent that we are both set in our ways, however i can very easily give you resources which state why evolution is not true – of which there are many!

    We must take ourselves out from any biased observation and make a decision based on what logic, reason and evidence shows.

    Richard Dawkins, is in the evolution game for $$$$, he makes a living out of saying there is no God, Does he know everything there is to know, can he prove all that he says? Personally I dont Think So!

    For example look at the following clip of Mr Dawkins trying to answer one of the most fundamental issues that he poses for his argument for Evolution!

    What a load of squabble and mammoth ramble id say!


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