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7 Proofs Of God! – Part 4

There are many different varieties of any one species.  No matter how much these may differ in size or form, they are all one species.

The science of comparative genetics is trying to demonstrate that there is a great resemblance between the species of fish, animal, and man.  This is true, but is not a proof of evolution.  It is the strongest proof of the existence of God!  Scientists have failed to convert the unborn offspring of a fish into an animal or into a human as the unborn organism developed into  the same type of fish that laid the egg.

Also, the experiments in the cross-breeding of species to improve and change them do not so much prove   evolution   as  they  prove that there are fixed laws that govern the reproduction of animals and man and that these laws operate within limits that cannot be infringed or broken.

We have been able to produce new varieties of a certain species; nevertheless, they are all of that same “species” and cannot be converted into another.

The simple farmer who works on his land is familiar with the idea of improving a species.  The specialized scientists in their laboratories can determine accurately how the genes and chromosomes  interact  in man to produce color and the various other characteristics and can predict the way offspring will look.  This is proof of the wisdom and power of God since it is He Who put these laws and still preserves them.  Our God said: “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind.”  The continuity and preservation of this law is a fourth proof of the existence of God.

Scientists have attempted, in comparing the skeletons of the chimpanzee and the gorilla with that of man, to establish that all evolved out of one origin.   But  this is a great fallacy!  This resemblance proves the existence of God!  This is, in actual fact, a “unity of design”  which is evidence of one architect who designed and planned this cosmos.  This is simply a “functional resemblance” only. Therefore, our God has put living and powerful laws, and He maintains them also.

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