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7 Proofs Of God – Part 3!

Many of the proofs of the existence of God are interdependent and interrelated.  We can infer these new proofs from the first proof.

The geologists, at the inception of their theories, relied on an ordered universe and an existing matter, just as the theory of evolution relies on the simple laws and matter of life.  So what is this matter?

Matter occupies space and has weight.  We do not necessarily have to see it because some gases, and even the air we breath, are all “matter”. Scientists, until recently used to talk of the “law of the indestructibility of matter.”  However, the discovery of the nuclear nature of matter and Madame Curie’s experiments with radium have proved the possibility of the decomposition and the division of matter.  This change in matter is a scientific fact; uranium (238) decomposes gradually into lead (206) passing through different intermediary  phases.  Thus, after  many  long  years,   radioactive uranium is converted into lead, giving off energy during this process.  We do not see any new uranium coming into existence.

Science today proves that this earth is on its way to disappearing.  Therefore, as high as the mountains are so is the rate of their erosion, and the deep bed of the rivers is rising little by little so that everything, if these processes go on long enough, will become one level.  This, in addition to uranium’s changing into lead, shows us how the world is going towards a certain end.

Thus, science proves that matter is not immortal! Matter came into existence at some time; since it is not immortal, it has a beginning.

Hence, creation and the beginning of the material world necessitates the existence of a Creator.  Things that are made need a Maker!  All the universe is like a huge clock that was wound one day and that is now running down and releasing its energy.  Up till now we do not know of a way to recharge it.  Man appeared  in the middle of an ordered universe which is proceeding  slowly towards a certain end!

Notice the fields, mountains, valleys, and the other topographical features around you!

The geologist, John Powell, noticed the process of the encroachment of many rivers and concluded that, in time, the waters will engulf all solid land, no matter how elevated it was originally until everything reaches the common lowest level of the ocean floor.

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