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The Cross In The Box – Part 1

Natasha and Jeremy sat next to each other in their science class. The teacher was explaining the things that were going to be in the HSC trials but no-one in the classroom seemed to pay attention. Madison, one of their friends, abruptly leaned across the table

“So are you guys coming with us Friday night, to the pub?” Madison asked the two friends.

Natasha turned to face Jeremy, who seemed to be smiling mischievously. She didn’t want to say ‘yes’. Suddenly she heard Jeremy’s voice. But he didn’t answer the way she thought he would.

“Yeah sure, Tash and I will be there. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Natasha stared at Jeremy, her brown eyes wide open with surprise. Jeremy met her eyes and mouthed “I’ll explain later”.
“That’s awesome” Madison replied. “Don’t you dare not show up!” she laughed.

The bell rang minutes after and everyone started to pack their books away and made their way out of the classroom. Natasha stood outside of the classroom and waited for Jeremy to come out. He was always so slow when it came to packing up. Finally he came out, a cheeky grin on his face.
“What was that for?” Natasha yelled “You do realise you just accepted an invitation to a pub?! A pub where people get drunk and go crazy!”
“Relax it’ll be fine. Besides we aren’t under age anymore, it’s allowed”

“Hello!!! Are you living on this planet Jeremy? We’re Coptic Christians remember? We don’t do this kinda stuff”
“Look Tash, I gave my word so we have to go now. I’m not backing off. All the guys will think I’m a chicken. Plus all the cool chicks will be there” he said his smile growing
“Jeremy! You gave your word for you and ME! Why didn’t you ask me? Since when do you make decisions for me?” Natasha said frustration creeping in her voice
“I thought it’s about time you let go of all this religion crap and just have some fun. Come on it’ll be so great you’ll thank me for this!” Jeremy started to walk off making his way to the school gate.

Natasha stared as Jeremy moved further and further away. His last word’s kept ringing in her ears. Maybe it won’t be so bad. He’s right I guess it’s time I let go a bit and just had some fun. I’m 18 so it should be fine. She finally convinced herself that it would be fine.
“Jeremy wait! I’ll come” she called out. Jeremy turned around and smiled. His eyes sparkled as he called out “You don’t have a choice remember, but it’ll be fun, you’ll thank me for this later, trust me!”

Friday afternoon suddenly arrived. Natasha sat in front of the mirror checking to see if her outfit was right. She’d spent over $100 on it after hours of shopping the day before. She ran her hand through her loose brown hair. She felt a little nervous and worried. She didn’t know what to expect. The doorbell broke her thoughts. Ok it’ll be fine. Jeremy is right. I just need to let go a little. After reassuring herself, she quickly added the final touches to her makeup and opened her drawer to pull out her jewellery. In the corner a small box sat. She lifted it up delicately and opened it. Inside she saw a small silver cross on a chain. She looked at the small symbol of Christ’s love. She was about to put it on when she realised she was going to a pub. A feeling of dread settled in her stomach but she tried to ignore it. She placed the box back in its place and closed the drawer. She rushed out to meet Jeremy. They were going together as it was the first time either of them had been to a pub.

The two made their way out of the house after Natasha had made sure she left her parents a note. She didn’t really tell them she was going to a pub. She knew they wouldn’t have approved. She just said she was going to be at a friend’s house and wouldn’t be back till late.

After what felt like hours of silence in the car, they finally arrived. Natasha felt a sickening feeling settle into her stomach. The place had an ominous atmosphere and it didn’t make her feel any better. Once she got out of the car she stood outside looking at the large building, her friends were partying inside. The building seemed to hold a dark secret and it made her feel uncomfortable.
“You coming?” Jeremy asked as he locked the car.
“In a minute I just feel like a bit of fresh air that’s all” she replied
“Ok suit yourself” he said. With that he walked off. Natasha watched as he got closer and closer to the building. Who knew what they were in for, but something told her she would soon regret this.

Maria Sawiris

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