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The Cross In The Box – Part 2

Natasha entered the busy room. Smoke filled the air in the room and people were pushing against each other. The music was so loud it threatened to deafen her. She placed her hands over her ears and tried to push her way through the crowd. Her eyes scanned the room, trying to locate Jeremy. After what felt like hours of pushing and shoving she saw Jeremy seated at the bar, a large glass of alcohol in his hands. She sat herself next to him.
“Jeremy!” she yelled trying to make her voice audible over the blasting music “What is going on? I hate it here!”
“Relax! You haven’t seen anything yet!” he yelled back. “Come on! Let’s dance” he said standing up and pulling her off her seat.
“No I’d rather not Jeremy. Please NO!!” she struggled as she felt herself being pulled forwards. She suddenly found herself in the middle of a group of people, being pushed around violently. She tried looking for Jeremy but she’d lost him.

She turned around and walked back towards her seat. Just as she sat down she saw two large men standing near Jeremy’s drink.
“The poor guy won’t know what hit him!” one of them said as he poured a powder into the drink and started stirring it. Both broke out into hysterical laughter.
Natasha watched, her eyes wide with horror. Jeremy’s drink was being spiked and she couldn’t bring herself to move. She just sat feeling helpless, watching as the two men laughed at their jokes. What she heard next almost gave her a heart attack
“It will completely knock him out, right? Like he won’t wake up?” one of them asked.
“Nope this stuff is sure to get rid of him forever!” the other replied chuckling evilly. The two men finished their job and walked back into the crowd. Natasha tried to calm herself down. Just as she was about to take the drink, Jeremy came out. Of all the times you could have come back you had to come back now!” she thought.
“Where do you think you’re going with that missy?” he asked anger clear in his voice.
“Jeremy I… I don’t think you should drink this” she said trying to move the drink out of his reach.
“Nonsense! I will drink whatever I want!” he yelled snatching the drink out of her hand. She could feel his stubbornness taking control.

As he brought the glass closer to his lips, her heart pounded faster and faster.
“STOP!” she yelled but it was useless, the glass kept coming closer and closer to his mouth. She suddenly remembered the cross in her drawer; the necklace  her mother had given her for her birthday. She remembered what her mother said about the cross: Remember honey, the cross is our defence. It is our help whenever we are faced with difficulties. Just remember that the power of God is revealed in the cross.  God conquered death on the cross and he saved everyone from eternal death through the cross! It is a symbol of God’s love to us!
Natasha drew the sign of the cross in front of Jeremy, silently praying that it will defend him from what was to come. She squeezed her eyes shut, unable to watch as Jeremy brought took a large gulp of the life-threatening drink. Suddenly she heard Jeremy slam the glass on the table. Her eyes opened rapidly as she saw Jeremy spit out the drink.
“Argh! That’s foul! Gosh my head hurts! I feel so dizzy.” He placed his hand against his chest as pain surged through his body. He gripped on the edge of the table and slowly began to fall. Natasha suddenly rushed towards him and held him up. Panic surged through her body. Had the cross failed her? Was what her mother told her all a lie? She pushed Jeremy through the crowd, trying to prevent him from falling. Her lip began to tremble as she struggled to hold back tears.

After what seemed like a year of pushing against the crowd, they finally made it to the door. She forced them through the door, the fresh air hitting them across the face in a strong breeze.  She knelt down and looked at Jeremy. He was gripping his head in pain. Tears streamed down her face as she watched her life-long friend suffer. Again she drew the sign of the cross, pleading that God will not fail her. She also held Jeremy’s hand and helped him draw the sign of the cross on himself. Just as she did this Jeremy’s eyes lit up.
“My…my headache! It’s gone!” he exclaimed. His eyes welled up with tears as all the pain had left his body. Natasha threw her arms around him, relief flooding over her. Mum was right. She thought. The cross truly is powerful! It is just as mum said; our defence against evil! Thankyou God!
“Somehow I don’t think you will thank me about this” he said chuckling.
“No, no I don’t think so either!” she laughed “I think God is the one we should thank for saving you. Come on let’s get you home.”
The two of them got up and made their way to the car leaving behind everything horrible about the night and silently thanking God for their lives.

Maria Sawiris

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