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7 Proofs Of God – Part 2

Before we talk about this important proof, we have to understand first what the word “evolution” means.  This word is applied to many operations.  Musical development from  simple to complex is, in one way, a type of evolution.  This term is also applied to all the technological inventions which have led many to imagine that… Continue reading 7 Proofs Of God – Part 2

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8 Ways To Deal With Stress As Teens!

Sometimes life gets pretty stressful. Many teens feel stressed around big moments in their lives like final exams, prom, applying to college, or the first day of school. Stress can be a pretty dangerous thing, because it clouds our judgment and can cause physical problems like illness. It can also get in the way of… Continue reading 8 Ways To Deal With Stress As Teens!

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Christian Parenting – Part 8

Children are not edified by constant praise  Children are not edified by constant praise. They become self-centred and vain. All their lives they will want everyone to be praising them constantly, even if they are being told lies. Unfortunately, nowadays all people have learned to tell lies and the conceited accept those lies as their… Continue reading Christian Parenting – Part 8

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Christian Parenting – Part 7

Teach the children to seek God’s help  The medicine and great secret for children’s progress is humility. Trust in God gives perfect security. God is everything. No one can say that I am everything. That cultivates egotism. God desires us to lead children to humility. Without humility neither we nor children will achieve any­thing. You… Continue reading Christian Parenting – Part 7

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Christian Parenting – Part 4

Over-protectiveness leaves children immature  Another thing that harms children is over-protectiveness, that is, exces­sive care or excessive anxiety and worry on the part of the parents. A mother used to complain to me that her five-year-old child was disobedient. ‘It’s your fault,’ I told her, but she didn’t understand. Once I went for a walk by… Continue reading Christian Parenting – Part 4

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Christian Parenting- Part 3

A psychological state is created in a child as a result of its parents that accompanies it throughout its life. Its later behaviour and its relationships with others are directly connected with the experiences that it carries with it from its childhood years. The child grows up and develops, but at bot­tom it does not change.… Continue reading Christian Parenting- Part 3

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Coptic Motorcycle Association

Do you know any Coptics that are into motorcycles?  ……if so, then please help us gather them together as the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney and affiliated regions has now formed the first Coptic motorcycle club in the world. The C.O.C.M.A. (Coptic Orthodox Christian Motorcycle Association) is a multi-faceted extension of the Coptic Orthodox… Continue reading Coptic Motorcycle Association