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Christian Parenting – Part 10

The conclusion is that we need to teach our children to live humbly and simply and not continually to seek praise and applause. We need to teach them that there is humility and that this is the healthy state of life.

The mind-set of our contemporary society does harm to children. It is based on another psychology and another theory of education that is addressed to the children of atheists. This frame of mind leads to com­plete disregard for the consequences of one’s actions. And you see the re­sults in our children and young people. Young people nowadays say, ‘You need to understand us!’ But we mustn’t go to them. On the con­trary, we need to pray for them, to say what is right, to live by what is right, and proclaim what is right, and not conform ourselves to their way of thinking. We mustn’t compromise the magnificence of our faith. We cannot, in order to help them, adopt their own frame of mind. We need to remain the people that we are and proclaim the truth and the light.

The children will learn from the Holy Fathers. The teaching of the Fathers will instruct our children about confession, about the passions, about evils and about how the saints conquered their evil selves. And we will pray that God will enter into them.

This brings to a conclusion the Christian Parenting Series By Elder Prophyrios

I hope you have enjoyed it!

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