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Coptic Motorcycle Association

Do you know any Coptics that are into motorcycles?

 ……if so, then please help us gather them together as the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney and affiliated regions has now formed the first Coptic motorcycle club in the world.

The C.O.C.M.A. (Coptic Orthodox Christian Motorcycle Association) is a multi-faceted extension of the Coptic Orthodox Church serving Coptic Motorcyclists through fellowship, safe riding principles, spiritually healthy ride destinations and events, as well as having the advantage of allowing the newer riders to gain benefit from those more experienced, both in riding skills and technical information about the machines themselves.

In addition, the C.O.C.M.A. is focused on sharing awareness of the Coptic Orthodox Church here in Australia and the faith of which we uphold with the broader Australian community. Plus, through the C.O.C.M.A. the plight of our Christian brethren in Egypt and around the world will be made known to other Christian motorcycle clubs who in turn will take that back to their own denominations gather support for future events such as the protest and Prayer Vigil over the Muslim murders at Nag Hammadi on Christmas Eve.

So far we have gained the support of a number of Christian motorcycle clubs such as the “God’s Squad CMC”, the “Disciples CMC” and the Christian Motorcycle Association and we will be publicly addressing a number of others, introducing ourselves and the Coptic Orthodox Church at this year’s Annual NSW Christian MC Clubs + Associations BBQ, by invitation of the president of the “Ambassadors CMC” that are hosting the event.

However, we need your support also to pass the word to any Coptics that ride motorcycles so this can grow to it’s full potential.

Whether they attend your Church, are a relative, a friend, a work colleage or whatever, then please pass this on to them. The more that we can gather together the greater blessing this can be ranging from the added safety of riding in numbers to the countless opportunities available by such a medium to serve the Church by getting the faith out to countless people who may never know our God, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

For more information or if you simply have a question you can contact us through any of the following methods

Website – http://www.cocmc.proboards.com/

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6574123409&v=info

Email – davidjohnlazarus@hotmail.com

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