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Does Chance?

I started my obstetrics rotation this week and one must sit down and reflect at the awesome handiwork of God. The beauty and wonder he has instilled in mankind. The ability bestowed upon us to make life from a seemingly simple act.

How is it that just two simple cells have the ability to form a magnificent baby that is the joy of both mum and dad?

If there ever was an act of God, it is definitely the act of childbirth. Pain aside the instant of delivery, the sound of the 1st cry, the 1st touch of mother and child is just simply awe inspiring.

You cannot possibly believe this was just some random cocktail of magic from nowhere, there had to be an absolute genius in charge. It mesmerises me how people think we came by some random chance.

For these people I encourage you to think of the following.

  1. Does chance bring forth life?
  2. Does chance have the intelligence to arrange cells?
  3. Does chance have the knowhow to direct the whole act?
  4. Does chance never get it wrong?
  5. Does chance form a child in the right dimensions, why doesn’t one hand grow longer than the other, what tells it to stop, is it chance?
  6. Does chance keep a child alive in a pool of fluid?
  7. Does chance keep a child alive during the trauma of labour?
  8. Does chance direct the growth of the child?
  9. Does chance feed the child?
  10. Does chance……

I could go on forever, however it is just to mindboggling to think of the complexity of forming man. Doctors and Scientists may think they know it all, but in the scheme of things we know nothing. We may have machines that go bing and ding, but what causes the bing and ding we do not know.

It is without doubt the most mysterious mystery of life and for that reason I ask those that do not believe in a creator, Does Chance and Has Chance formed you?

For those that answer yes, I think it’s safe to say the issue here is not in the existence of God, but rather in the Denial of God.

Bishoy Marcus

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