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7 Proofs Of God – Part 2

Before we talk about this important proof, we have to understand first what the word “evolution” means.  This word is applied to many operations.  Musical development from  simple to complex is, in one way, a type of evolution.  This term is also applied to all the technological inventions which have led many to imagine that evolution can happen to living organisms.

“Evolution is a gradual growth from simple, disorganised, primitive matter to a complex natural being.  By the same token, it is a gradual branching out from the beginning of organic life on our planet, which is teeming with numerous living beings in both the animal and plant kingdoms.”

Notice that evolution presumes a living organic beginning…. prior life!

This scientist does not talk about how life began!

The theory of  evolution (theory = we think) states that all the form of life we see now, including man, and all the many different kinds of plants and animals, evolved gradually from extremely primitive forms to complex forms, with all of them being  as interdependent as they are today.  Each of them has its peculiar life-cycle and its method of reproduction.

The theory of evolution thus states that life evolved “gradually” by means of “an inherent force” until it attained its present complex form.

Let us probe this matter in carefully.  Evolutionary scientists, geneticists, biologists, and scientists in various other fields were unable to furnish one proof that life can develop out of something that is not alive.

It is true that in some scientific experiments, they were able to revive cells they thought had died by    means    of    certain     chemical compounds.  However, this is entirely different from “spontaneous or self-reproduction”.  There is a line of demarcation and a huge gap between life and death, between existence and non-existence.  Evolutionary scientists are currently making great efforts in formulating assumptions, speculations, and obscure theories to explain how life began!

On the other hand, there is a clear and definitive scientific law that provides us with an important proof of the existence of God, the Life-giver!  It is the law of the development of life that simply states that life can only develop out of life, and what is not alive cannot produce what is alive.

Maybe the scientists do not have a clear, reliable, and decisive law like this one.  The existence of life requires the existence of a Life-giver!

That is why Scriptures say: “And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being” (Gen. 2: 7)

Our omnipotent and living God, who of necessity exists, Who is before everything, has granted life to man first, and then granted to all living beings the capacity to multiply according to certain laws.

God is the great Life-giver.

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