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8 Ways To Deal With Stress As Teens!

Sometimes life gets pretty stressful. Many teens feel stressed around big moments in their lives like final exams, prom, applying to college, or the first day of school. Stress can be a pretty dangerous thing, because it clouds our judgment and can cause physical problems like illness. It can also get in the way of our spiritual lives by fostering anger or resentment toward God. Here are some ways to cope with stress:  

1. Pray

There is nothing like getting closer to God in order to reduce stress. Sitting down and releasing all of your worries, anger, and other feelings to God can do a lot to lift off the burden of stress. Tell God about your circumstances and hand over all your burdens to him. The release of things into His hands does a lot to help you cope.

2. Laugh

Laughter is really one of the best medicines. When things get stressful do the things that make you laugh. Watch a funny movie. Read a funny book. Laugh with friends and family. Take some time out to laugh at life.

3. Take a Deep Breath

Breathing is a great way to reduce your stress. Taking deep breaths and doing breathing exercises may seem silly, but it does a lot to relax your body and clear up some of the things clouding your head.

4. Plan Ahead

Most teens don’t think much about their date book. They tend to study when test time comes close, do their homework right before it is due, and just “go with the flow.” However, having a plan will do a lot to decrease your stress. Give yourself the appropriate amount of time to complete tasks, and break those tasks down into manageable portions.

5. Sleep

Sleep is another great tool in reducing stress. It is essential to allowing our bodies to recover from daily stress. You should be getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Pulling an “all-nighters” may seem like a way to get things done, but eventually that lack of sleep takes its toll by making you sick or cranky.

6. Keep Your Eyes Focused on God

Prayer is a big part of reducing stress, but so is keeping your focus on God. Using your devotional can be another way for you to let go of some of the things putting pressure on you. You can lose yourself for a while in the Word. It will help improve your attitude and allow you to relax away from parents, studies, and more.

7. Choose the Right Friends

As a Christian, not all your friends need to be Christians, but you do need to have some friends that support you in your faith. Without good support, being a Christian can be stressful in itself. Consider getting involved in Christian activities either at school or at church. Surround yourself with people that will be supportive during stressful times and not add to your burdens.

8. Learn to Say “No”

When most people think of the slogan “Just Say No” they think of drugs and alcohol. However, this should be the mantra for a stressed-out student. Some stress comes from doing everything you’re asked to do. There are some times when it is okay to say “no” to the requests of friends, families, teachers, and more. If it is going to add too significantly to your stress level, say so.

5 thoughts on “8 Ways To Deal With Stress As Teens!

  1. hey bish, u said prayer reduces stress but often i feel like when im pray more stress is added on rather than reduced. i cant help not thinking that during prayer this “stressful” task is given to me by god and my lack of ability to cope with the demands of that task displeases god… so praying to him doesn’t really help at that point.

  2. Hey …

    In my humble opinion i think we pray the wrong way when we are stressed.

    Sometimes we pray by giving God a mandate to do something, Please God do this and that, we order the Lord around even though this may be detrimental to us and our spiritual lives.

    We read in the bible that “The effective and fervant prayer of a righteous man avails much”. I think the word righteous here is also very important. We must have a relationship with Christ in the Good and Bad times, however as youth we often only remember God when we are going through tough times, exams, interviews and so on. We must learn that God is not a poker machine in which we insert a few prayers waiting for a surprise. However God never works like this and will never fulfill our dreams or ideas. This is why some people Lose faith in God and question the existance of God all together.

    Furthermore its important that we dont fall into the sin of despair, when we think that no one cares, or that the world is against us. Stress is a precursor for depression. So be careful you dont fall into such a state. Early warning signs may include, sleeplessness, loss of interest in activities and life, guilt, lack of energy, loss of appetite or even suicidal thoughts. The sin of despair is often a product of unfulfilled prayers.

    Let us pray with the the spirit which accepts what the lord gives, pray for strength and perserverance. Use the situation to come closer to Christ. Trust in him and acknowledge him in all your ways and he will lead you.

    Dont Lose Hope


  3. Hey …

    Repent, ask God to help you get back on your feet, and carry on persevering. Sometimes we feel even worse because we think that we have let ourselves down, but actually that is pride. We can never remain holy on our own. Often just when we think we have a sin (not just this one) sorted out, God withdraws slightly because we are starting to trust in our own strength, and then in an hour or a moment we discover that we are actually still very weak.

    We have not gone back to the beginning. We have fallen. But we must not seek God’s help earnestly so that we do not allow this sin or any other to become habitual again.

    Thank the Lord for showing you that you have no strength in your own self, he will lift you up and set you on your feet again if you repent and ask for his help. Thank him that over the past months he has given you grace enough, and trust that in the months ahead he will give you the same grace while you trust only in him and seek above all else to be standing in his presence.

    Good Luck


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