The Drawer In Christs Eye! – Part 2

Levi held the cold earpiece firmly to his ear as he waited to get connected to the police. He ran his lean hand through his thick brown hair, his patience decreasing. He turned around and was surprised to see his sister, Julie, sitting on the couch, crying uncontrollably.
“What’s the matter?” Levi asked. He looked at his sister, his face growing with concern.
“Stop Levi” Julie whispered “Don’t call the police”. Levi stared open mouthed at his sister as he hung up the phone. He didn’t understand what was going on and his heart began to pound as he grew anxious. It was the first time he’d ever seen his sister like this
“Wh….at do you mean?” he asked confusion and concern written all over his face. “Julie, five hundred dollars from my wallet has been stolen. I need that money to pay for the registration of my car and you’re telling me not to call the police! What’s going on?” his voice grew to a whisper as he made his way to the couch which occupied his distressed sister.

“There’s no need to call the police because I know who stole the money” Julie’s voice was barely audible as she spoke with her head to the ground. “It was me Levi! I took the money. I’m sorry!”
Levi looked at his sister, his mouth wide opened.
“Why would you do that and where is the money? Are you playing a game with me? You know how much I need that money!”
“Levi…. let me explain everything” Julie said tears running down her face uncontrollably. “I needed that money more than you can imagine. I was threatened Levi, by Stacey, a girl I regret meeting! She told me that if I didn’t give her five hundred dollars she’d tell everyone my secret…” she paused. Levi’s brown eyes sparkled with fury.
“Well? What’s the secret? Don’t stop now!” he yelled. Patience wasn’t a virtue of his.
“Ummm….. well….” Julie stammered “The night after mum and dad died in the accident, I met Stacey and she took me to this club…” Julie was crying hysterically now, unable to finish her sentences.
“It’s ok” Levi said softly, placing his hand on Julie’s shoulder. He had no idea where this story was going.

“Levi, I got drunk because my drink was spiked and then a guy raped me, and I was too upset to stop him! I didn’t care then! Now however I regret it because……because I fell pregnant and had an abortion!” Julie blurted out.

Suddenly the world around Levi seemed to close in around him. He stood up and looked down at his sister. He wasn’t sure if he had heard his sister correctly.
“Did you just say what I thought you just said?” he searched her eyes hoping for an answer. When Julie just hung her head, he knew that he’d heard correctly. He couldn’t believe that Julie, the innocent girl he grew up with all his life could have gone through something so horrible. Yet he also couldn’t believe that he hadn’t known of this before. Suddenly his strong hand descended rapidly towards her face. He’d slapped her.

He drew his hand back, his eyes welling up with tears. He closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on all that had just been said.
BANG! His head jerked upwards in surprise. Julie was gone. She’d walked out, slamming the door behind her.

Levi slowly sat himself down on the couch, gripping the arms of the couch. Everything had happened so suddenly. He couldn’t believe he had lost his temper like that. Lately he’d had everything go wrong for him. He was already late in paying the registration fees, his parents had just died and left him Julie to take care of and now he’d upset Julie to the point where she’d left the house. He’d failed his duties.
“What would mum and dad say if they were here?” he asked himself, tears slowly making their way down his cheek. He knew that soon he’d have to make it up to Julie. He had to let her know that he didn’t mean it.
“But would she forgive me?” he asked drawing in a deep breath. He had no idea where she was. His brotherly instincts kicked in, as he made his way towards the phone to call for help.

“Hello, police service here. How may we help you?” came the voice from the other end. Levi took a deep breath and told the police everything he’d heard from Julie.
“Please try and find this Stacey. She’s hurt my sister!” Levi pleaded on the phone unable to control his emotions. With that he slammed the phone down and stormed out of the house, getting in his car and driving off.

To be Continued…

Maria Sawiris

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