The Drawer in Christs Eye! – Part 1

Julie stepped into the messy room that belonged to her unorganised 21-year-old brother, Levi. She scanned the room briefly, hoping to find what she came looking for. She walked towards the unmade bed, wishing that she didn’t have to do what she was about to. Her tanned hands brushed against the handle of the chest of drawers beside her.

“Could he have put it here?” she asked as if waiting for a reply from the room. She bent over and gripped the handle of the top drawer. Involuntarily she turned her head towards the door, her long brown hair hanging over her shoulder. A strong feeling of guilt and deception settled at the bottom of her stomach, and she felt that she wasn’t alone.

“It’s ok” she reassured herself “All you have to do is grab the money and leave. You’ll have replaced it before he realises.”

She closed her eyes and pulled the drawer open. There in the middle sat the bulgy brown wallet, cards and money sticking out from all sides. She lifted the wallet carefully, as if fearing that it will bite her. Just as she was about to pull the money she needed from the wallet, she spotted a picture of Christ, hanging above the bed. She stood up and looked at the picture. For some strange reason she felt his soft eyes boring into hers, telling her gently and calmly to stop. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
“Not now God! I have to do this. I already feel bad, don’t make it worse!” she whispered. She lowered herself back down to where the wallet was and pulled out ten fifty-dollar notes; all that was in the wallet. She wrapped her hand around the money and pushed her full fist into her pocket. She stood up and glanced at the picture of Christ, who now seemed to be gazing sadly at her.

“God, I don’t have time for this!” she exclaimed and she returned everything to its original state and rushed out of the room, the money squished in her pockets.

“Levi! Levi!” the 18-year-old called to her brother who was having his usual long shower, “I’m going over a friend’s house!” She still felt weird telling her brother where she was going. Ever since her parents died in the fatal accident, Julie had to tell Levi everything she did. He grew very protective of her. Julie got into her silver car and paused, her hands gripping the steering wheel. It had grown dark and she could hear the soft patter of rain on the roof. She placed her hand in her pocket checking that the money was safely in there. Once she’d made sure it was there, she started the car, making her way to meet Stacey.

Once she’d reached the dark alleyway, she saw the tall, rebellious girl standing in the rain. Her usually spiky short hair, just hung over her head, dripping with water.

“Have you got the money?” she asked, grinning evilly. “Remember, no money, and your secret is out.”
“Don’t worry, it’s all here” Julie said looking down at the ground, her clothes beginning to cling to her flesh as they grew more and more wet. She pulled out the money from her pocket and placed it in the palm of the out-stretched hand before her.

“Pleasure doing business with you” Stacey said, her nose piercing glimmering in the ominous, dim place.

Julie left the alleyway and made her way back home.

“That was quick” her brother said as she walked past him. Ignoring him, she walked straight past him, making her way to her room. She got undressed rapidly, replacing the damp clothes with her warm pyjamas. She laid in bed and tried to get some sleep however she couldn’t stop tossing and turning, unable to sleep due to the sickening feeling she had in her stomach.

“Argghhhh! We’ve been robbed!” the loud voice of Levi reaching her room. Julie closed her eyes forcing back tears as she realised that her plan was ruined. She got out of bed and to her horror saw Levi running around wildly, holding the phone to his ear. A feeling of dread washed over her as she sat herself on the couch.  What should she do? Should she let Levi call the police? Should she tell him it was her? All these questions rushed around her head as she watched Levi dial 911.

To be continued

Maria Sawiris

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