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Explain Dinosaurs, Please!

We hear and see it everywhere. Mainstream media portrays the message: “millions of years ago there was an ‘age of dinosaurs’, but they became extinct long before man appeared on this planet”.

I disagree, and I think there is good evidence against this message.

In this Blog Daniel Ayad answers many of the tough questions on Dinosaurs!

CLICK HERE for the article

3 thoughts on “Explain Dinosaurs, Please!

  1. Another aspect to this is that, how is it possible to find full skeletons of dinosaurs from millions of years ago, and not find any human skeletons from that time?

    Dinosaurs must have become extinct recently 4 us 2 find full skeletons!

  2. This was good! However Lochness was proven to be a misrepresentation. So that’s not reliable. However, you could have mentioned in its place ancient drawings of dinosaurs that indicate that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, for example Bishop Bell’s tomb in Carlisle Cathedral in the 15th century before dinosaur fossils were found in the 1900s. In the brass strips, you can see engraved images of sauropods and other dinosaurs.

  3. Thanks for the comments

    Well loch ness was not proven to be a misrepresentation, but it is arguably skeptical. Both sides have interesting views, and I can’t say for sure.

    Thank you for mentioning the engraved images of sauropods and other dinosaurs in Carlisle Cathedral.

    The list is endless for ancient drawings on dinosaurs, paintings, legends and other types. Perhaps at a later date it would be beneficial to mention and describe all of these in detail.

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