BREAKING NEWS: Doves & Cross of Light Over Menya Protests

In news coming in from Egypt. Coptic protesters in Menya demanding equal rights for their brothers are witnessing amazing things as we write. Reports coming in show doves of light flying above and a cross of purple light hovering over the crowds. Protesters can be heard chanting slogans such as “Lift your head high O… Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Doves & Cross of Light Over Menya Protests


Canadian PM on the Coptic Situation!

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper has condemned the violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt. “Canada is a tolerant, multicultural country with a proud tradition of defending religious minorities around the world. We stand behind the Coptic Christian community and their right to practice their faith in safety and security, free of persecution. This is a universal human right and one which our Government is committed… Continue reading Canadian PM on the Coptic Situation!


United Nations On The Coptic Situation!

GENEVA — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday that he was disturbed by clashes between Christian Copts and Muslims in Egypt, days after fresh violence in Cairo left 12 people dead. Ban expressed concern that it could affect the recent progress towards democratic reform. “I am disturbed by the recent violence between Muslims and… Continue reading United Nations On The Coptic Situation!


ABC PM On the Current Situation In Egypt!

A brilliant ABC report on the current situation in Egypt CLICK HERE to listen to the report or read below. MARK COLVIN: As the Egyptian government moves to strengthen security around places of worship in the Australian Coptic Christian community fears are rising for friends and relatives overseas. In particular there are concerns for the… Continue reading ABC PM On the Current Situation In Egypt!

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Official Coptic Orthodox Bike Club

It’s official. The Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney and affiliated regions has given the blessing and approval to the Coptic orthodox Christian Motorcycle Association. No doubt the first Coptic Orthodox Christian bike club in the world and quite possibly the first amongst all Orthodoxy. All Coptic motorcyclists or any Coptics that are interested in… Continue reading Official Coptic Orthodox Bike Club

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Is Real Fasting – Soy Everything?

As we approach Great Lent every year, there seems to be a rush of interest in finding good fasting recipes that are fast, easy and nutritious. More and more often, those recipes seem to include some kind of soy or other vegetable product that has been processed to look and function like meat or dairy… Continue reading Is Real Fasting – Soy Everything?

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Commercialisation Of Christmas!

In the Christian tradition of both east and west, the twelve days of Christmas refer to the period from Christmas Day to Theophany. The days leading up to Christmas were for preparation; a practice affirmed in the Orthodox tradition by the Christmas fast that runs from November 25 to Christmas day. The celebration of Christmas… Continue reading Commercialisation Of Christmas!

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An Orthodox Remedy For Depression!

“Nowadays people often feel sadness, despair, lethargy, laziness, apathy, and all things satanic.  They are downcast, discontent and melancholy.  They disregard their families, spend vast sums on psychoanalysts and take anti-depressants.  People explain this as ‘insecurity.’  Our religion believes that these states derive from satanic temptation. Pain is a psychological power which God implanted in… Continue reading An Orthodox Remedy For Depression!