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The Three Trees!

How can God use us? There is only one way. We must make ourselves utterly available to God and to our neighbors. God does not ask you about your ability — only your availability. He provides the ability. The supreme question is: are we available to Him? Moses made himself available and God provided the ability for him to do great works in His name. So did the humble fishermen and countless others.

There is a fable of three trees that grew in the days of Christ. One said, “When I grow to be a big tree I will be cut down and made into lumber. That lumber will be used to build a big hotel where kings will lodge.” The second tree said, “When I grow up I want to be cut down and made into lumber to build a big ship that will cross the ocean.” The third tree said, “When I grow up I want to remain in the forest and point men to God.”

None of the three trees got its wish. The first tree grew up and was cut down, but the lumber was used to build a little manger. The tree complained and complained, until one night the Son of God and the Son of Man was born there. Then it was at peace.

The second tree was cut down and made into lumber to build a boat to sail on the Sea of Galilee. It complained and complained, until one day the Son of God and the Son of Man stood on its deck and spoke wonderful words of life. Then it was at peace.

The third tree was cut down and made into a cross. The tree complained and complained, until one day the Son of God and the Son of Man died upon that cross. Then it, too, was at peace.

Whatever our lot in life, God can use us! Let us be willing to let Him use us according to His will.

5 thoughts on “The Three Trees!

  1. How can one make their self available to God? What are examples or exercises that one can do?

  2. Hey JoyfulinHim,

    This question is way out of my league but ill do my best in trying to give you some ideas about how we can make ourself available to God.

    1. I think firstly you must make a commitment to Him, a commitment that means you will do anythiing it takes to get to know Him better. A commitment that you will pray your daily prayers and read your bible everyday even when you are tired or fatigued. A commitment to live the life of the Church partaking of its sacraments and fasts. All these things are crucial in making yourself available for God to use. You need to be filled with His Love and His Experience in order for you to give others you serve what they need. You should be an overflowing spring of God’s Love!

    2. Get yourself involved in as many services at your local church as possible. Never say No to an opportunity that is given unto you. The more you serve the more you will see Jesus Truly working in your Life. Yes Service is difficult but our Lord promised us that we will have Tribulation in the world, but we must be of Good Cheer for He has overcome the World.

    3. Surround yourself with Godly people, you can not experience God in a sinful environment for Good & Evil do not mix. Ask the servants in your church to share their experiences about God with you. You will be surprised how much you can learn from other peoples experiences.

    4. Prayer sounds boring to the untrained Christian, but it is the weapon of Choice. Pray about your desire to make yourself available to God – Im sure he will make his will known to you in ways you do not expect!

    Keep me in your prayers

    Your Brother in Christ


  3. Thanks Bishoy. I continually strive to do those things with the best of my ability as much as I can. I know God gave each person a talent, something to trade and multiply and bring glory to His name with. However, I seem to not be able to find it.. or develop it?? Are talents developed over practice or time?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

  4. Hey Joyful in him,

    Firstly i apologise about the reply, please 4give me!

    On the issue of talents, you have correctly pointed out that God has given every person a talent.

    The challenge he left us is to find it and use it.

    So how do we do this, this is just my personal opinion, dont take it as Gospel.

    1. You must grow your relationship with Christ! This is achieved through prayer, serving, fasting, participating of the sacraments etc. When you have this relationship with your Creator it provides a very solid base for you to use your talent, because when you use your talent, satan will also use your own talent against you. How? simple – Make you face hardships when you use the talent you possess. If your relationship with Christ is strong you can overcome these tribulations and work on using your talent more effectively.

    2. You must sit down with your self and examine your ways. What do you think you can do good? What do you Enjoy? What do you feel is best for you? Which servant do you admire and why? etc……these types of questions will build a simple brainstorm of possible areas where your talent may be.

    3. When you think you have found your talent, you may have several, it is crucial you share your opinions with your confession father. If he agrees ask him to lead you into a direction or service where this talent may be useful. When he gives you this service pray about it and always remember the talent you possess will be the source of much of your hardship.

    4. Finding the talent is easy trust me, its developing how to use it that is difficult. This takes time, effort and more importantly experience. For example if my talent is for example “carpentry”, every time you build something you learn something new such as, types of nails, glue, wood etc. The more you use that talent the more it will become more powerful in your life.

    I hope ive answered what you have asked.

    Please pray 4 me

    Your Brother in Christ


  5. Thank you so much! Please don’t apologize you are helping me and I greatly appreciate it. There is nothing to be sorry about. I am the one that should be sorry for bothering and troubling you with my many questions. Thank you for all your help!

    May God bless and reward you for all your help and for this great site, keep up the good work! 🙂

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