7 Proofs Of God – Part 1

Is it worthy of the Christian to fear or oppose scientific books? Is there not an agreement between science and the Holy Bible?  Have the new scientific discoveries  succeeded in depriving the Christian individual of his ability to combine faith and this enlightened age of science?

This is the first proof of the existence  of  God,  and  it is a broad, inclusive and profound proof which is difficult to probe in a short article such as this. But it is sufficient to quote a statement in one of the scientific books that attacked the Holy Bible.  After the author had presented numerous explanations for the evolution of the earth, he says: “Our galaxy is an insignificant part of this universe which was probably in existence millions and millions of years ago.  Some advance has been made in the attempt to describe how and when the sun and the nine planets developed.”

 “The study of the solar system gives us at least a clue about the development of this part of this universe that we live on, which is the earth.  The generally accepted explanation at present is that view which assumes that our solar system was born of the sun as a result of the proximity of a huge star which removed from the sun, through the effect of the law of gravity, huge masses of burning gasses.  These gradually cooled and coalesced to become planets which continue to revolve around the sun perpetually.  Thus the earth achieved its present state extremely slowly.”

Let us analyse together what we have just read.  Notice what is in bold letters, ” maybe, some advance, an attempt to explain, at least a clue, the generally accepted explanation, the theory, which supposes” … What a strange collection of words.

Therefore, these are only “attempts” to explain “some advances” that give us “at least a clue” which makes us “assume” “a theory”… In short, “we are simply guessing!”  Next, the scientific reference continues discussing in decisive terms “the events of a distant past” !!

Let us continue our analysis in order to reach the depth of this first proof of the existence of God.  At the beginning of this talk about attempts, clues, and assumptions, the scientists presuppose the existence of “our solar system”, that of “another huge star”, ” the force of gravity”, and “masses of burning gasses”.  They say that these “began to cool” then coalesced and continued revolving around the sun under the effect of its force of gravity.

What a beautiful picture of the universe!  The solar system a huge star,   definite  laws  that  do not change, all these are clear indications of a vast rational power!

Think with me; these millions of laws of heat, light, energy, motion, orbits, and gravity which require that every body should take an almost spherical shape and that it remain like that, and millions of other laws … what is the meaning of all that?

Let us examine the subject closely.  Is the issue simply understanding our solar system?  Of course not!  For the scientists say that our solar system is simply one of many such systems in the Milky Way, or the galaxy in which we live. And this is one of millions of other galaxies which in turn are only a small part of this vast universe.

Do you begin to see according to which law a star can come close to another, and according to which law the hot masses cool down?  Which law is responsible for the birth of stars?  Which law governs the force of gravity?

A calm contemplation of scientific theories shows us that they tell of a universe “which is connected and governed by laws.”

Therefore, the existence of a law that is stable, unchangeable, and invisible but effective requires the existence of someone who put this law; “There is only one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy.” (Jas. 4: 12). This Lawgiver is God.

St Mary & St Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church

15 thoughts on “7 Proofs Of God – Part 1

  1. The solar systems, galaxies, and the universe formed from naturally occurring gasses and matter…the reason these formed is because of natural forces. The so -called laws are what we observed and tested and verified that happened to cause everything. We can call them laws because it is observed that the same thing happens, naturally…every time.

    Everything in our world and universe has embedded qualities and attributes that define that object, we simply observe and test that object and it is defined and known to us. From scientific observation and testing we can determine and define everything and anything. There are of course always going to be things to observe and test and define.

    The god and religion you hold so proudly too, will one day be defined by science as a myth. It’s already working on it…just needs a little more time.

  2. I find ur comments comical!

    You speak of naturally occuring gases my question to you is simple, what is the origin of these gases and who or what set them in motion!

    Personally a faith based on chance, propability and endless luck is nothing more than an attempt by man to become his own god.

    Till now I haven’t seen anything reproduced in regards to the big bang or evolution so it’s pretty poor science if u can’t reproduce the outcomes over and over again.


  3. As do I yours…:-)

    From who or what is the origin of this God you speak of? Who or what do you propose set up the laws that He/She/It works with. How is a entity who is invisible, has no form or substance, never speaks to humans, never interacts with mankind, never shows any effect on matter or prayer requests, who cannot be adequately described by anyone, be responsible for all that we know in this world/universe……magic???

    Is that what you offer as proof…..magic?

    Do you posit an entity of some timeless ethereal matter or energy or nothingness floating around in absolute nothingness, who decides one aeon to speak into existence our world, galaxy, universe and everything in them, and that resulted in our world/universe, and us, being formed some 6,000+- years (our time) ago? Do you further advance the theory that everything EXCEPT this Being/God needs a cause? On what information would you base this?

    There are NO proofs for the Abrahamic god. Never has been; people of these religions have been trying for thousands of years to do this, and all have failed. Likewise there are no proofs for Vishnu or Thor or Amun-Re, etc., and there never shall be…as they all rely on, and believe in, magic. Think seriously about this…ALL religions, the world over, and down through all time, have believed that “Their” god was magical, and counted on this “magic” to convince potential converts to follow them. How provincial and insane is this? No disrespect to you implied.

    Have you ever witnessed any kind of magic? Have you ever heard of any confirmed case of magic—ever—in our modern world? Biblical times do not count, as the people of the time believed in magic and could be easily fooled. Didn’t the Christians finally decide, after killing a few million people, that witches (who use magic) didn’t really exist.?

    Where was this God for the almost 200,000 years that modern type humans have traveled this earth? Why would this god decide to show Him/Her/Itself to a wandering and landless tribe of goat herders just 3500 years ago? Sounds awful fishy if you ask me.

    Proof of evolution is all over the scientific communities and in colleges and universities the world over. We are just recently hearing that modern man (us) and Neanderthals may have mated and had offspring over 25,000 years ago. If you live in the “Old World” this may mean you have some of these Neanderthal genes in your own body. How does this fit into the very ancient Biblical worldview of people who could not even imagine that humans would have the science and technology and abilities to decipher things that we have now.

    I personally think “He/She/It” was made up by ancient goat herders, too long in the desert sun. Can you prove otherwise? 🙂

    1. Evolution and the big bang are not a fact there an opinion and a story of what might of happend but Gods creation is real and proof. JESUS came to earth

  4. Answer my question and ill answer yours, where did your gases come from and who or what put these laws into existance

    Did something come out of nothing? If yes? How

    1. Hi bishoymarcus, thank you for your reply.

      It was Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre from the Catholic University of Louvain who first proposed the Big Bang theory. If I understand it correctly all gasses and/or matter was created at that time. The laws that control gasses and/or matter are intrinsic to the element. Gravity influences every thing in the universe and is instrumental in growing the many billions of suns, planets, and galaxies in our universe

      The Big Bang and God share the same plane in that they are both conceived out of nothingness…no first cause. Which is more believable; a universe or multi-verse that has existed forever and will continue forever, or a humongous cloud of nothing that somehow looks like us** and has supreme intelligence and can merely wish anything into existence, and for some insane reason created us and likes to tell women to shut up and otherwise make up extremely silly laws for us to follow?

      If God came out of nothing, please explain how. 🙂

      ** Someone once said that if cows were the dominant intelligence on earth that their Gods would look like cows.

  5. I do not profess to know who created God, for i am man with limited knowledge and capability.

    God is above time, he is not of time, infact he created time.

    God is Spirit, he isnt bound by the laws of our universe including time.

    Thus it is impossible to define God as an object of time, the question you ask, “When was God Made” indicates the presence of time before his creation, which means something must of created God and that something was created by something else and the cycle continues. Thus you must come to a conclusion that something which is not bound by time is the source of everything that exists today otherwise you’ll have no origin which is insane to say the least.

    In regards to the big bang theory, it also relies on time, thus time was existing when this happened and so on. You must first answer the question of time because everything measurable is a subject of time, whether it be gravity or the speed of light, everything known to man is under the control of time.

    Time my friend is your biggest enemy if you can not say it was created by something that is not bound by time, all your arguments will fail miserably.

    Lets look at your post for example

    If I understand it correctly all gasses and/or matter was created at that time. So when did time come into being, who created it and when was it set in place?

    The laws that control gasses and/or matter are intrinsic to the element. Again these are subject to time, and without time the laws do not stand or make sense.

    Gravity influences every thing in the universe and is instrumental in growing the many billions of suns, planets, and galaxies in our universe Gravity is measured in time, 9.8m/s2 – its again subject to time, without time it, it doesnt exist!

    So thewordofme, what is your understanding of time?

  6. Hi bishoymarcus, I hope you are well.

    So you are telling me that you have a degree in physics and you know with the knowledge you gained by getting this degree that God did it, and all the explanations out there by other physicists are wrong?

    I find this fascinating…I have never been able to talk to a physicist before. So I can take your explanations to my local state university physics professors and they will verify your scientific account of the beginning?

  7. Hey TWOM,

    Hope Your Well

    Is that your reply to your understanding of time?

    And as with any profession, there are physicists who believe in God and those that don’t.

    Depending on who you will ask youll get differing opinions.

    Anyway no need 2 diverge im still waiting for your understanding of time as mentioned in my previous comment.


  8. Good Sunday to you.

    “Time… is what keeps everything from happening at once” Ray Cummings, 1922

    Philosophers give us two distinct viewpoints of time. One, you may say that time is a part of the fundamental structure of the universe, the fourth dimension, a dimension in which all events occur in sequence. In this view time travel becomes a possibility as other times persist like the frames of a film spread out across the timeline.

    Two would be the view that time does not refer to any kind of container that events and objects move through, nor to any entity that flows, but that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure within which humans sequence and compare events. The second view holds that time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be traveled.

    “In general, the Judaeo-Christian concept, based on the Bible, is that time is linear, with a beginning, the act of creation by God. The Christian view assumes also an end, the eschaton, expected to happen when Jesus returns to earth in the Second Coming to judge the living and the dead. This will be the consummation of the world and time. St Augustine’s City of God was the first developed application of this concept to world history. The Christian view is that God is uncreated and eternal so that He and the supernatural world are outside time and exist in eternity.” From Wikipedia

    Now my answer to “the end of time…the second coming of Jesus being the consummation of the world and time.” Would have to be…there was no Adam and Eve, therefore there was no beginning of “original sin”, therefore no need for Jesus to assume our “sin”, therefore no “second coming.”

    Peace to you.



    So what is your understanding of time, cause i didnt ask you about the end of time, i asked you what or who created time and your understanding of it.

    Furthemore in Orthodoxy there is no end to time, because we live eternally with Christ in heaven. Time has a start but no conclusion.

    Moreover Augustines City of God, was not the 1st application to explore time, the fathers of the East explored these issues way before he did, however Augustine was not interested in learning from the Eastern Fathers and fell into many mistakes along the way, wasting his time trying to answer questions answered years before him by the Fathers of Alexandria such as Origen, Didymous and so on.


  10. Hello again Bish, Good day to you.

    I have a hard time defining my understanding of time. If one believes in the Big Bang the logical decision (to me at least) would be that time began then…14+ billion years ago and time is the fourth dimension and events happen sequentially. I probably accept this as the best explanation. Trouble is. of course, none of the Biblical stories come anywhere close to the resultant time frame of a Big Bang.

    Other than Biblical stories (which is not real evidence) there is zero evidence for a 6,000 to 10,000 years old universe and earth. There is zero evidence for magic or the supernatural being a true force or power in our world or universe.

    In the Christian world the Bible used to be the book to go to for explanations of anything. And as the years passed it became apparent that this book was very lacking in real understanding about our world. In fact, it was dead wrong on a number of things. As the years go by you will notice that science is taking over as the source for information about our world and humans and how it/we function.

    This to me is very strong evidence that the whole shebang (religion) is just a con game and that “God” is not real. We see in the Catholic Church a black evil past and present, and an evil bureaucracy that hides its misdeeds and cretin priests. That church has lost ALL moral authority and cannot speak to any earthly. Lately some of the Protestant side of Christianity is also seeing that its leaders are evil and preaching “Do as I say, not do as I do.”



  11. Hey TWOM

    Id tend to disagree with your estimates for the age of the universe. There are many things that we observe that point to the world only being very young.

    Dr. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. is an associate professor in physics – i encourage you to read his article on “Evidence for a young world” – Found at http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs/4005.asp

    All these points raised by Humphreys are some things which evolutionsits can not work out and each explanation they come up with seems to condradict the previous, and often raises more questions than it answers.

    Furthermore i encourage you to explore Coptic Orthodoxy, we are the only church mentioned in the bible and have held strong fastly to our faith. We have remained unchanged for 2000 years – that has to say something!

    God Bless


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