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Is Real Fasting – Soy Everything?

As we approach Great Lent every year, there seems to be a rush of interest in finding good fasting recipes that are fast, easy and nutritious. More and more often, those recipes seem to include some kind of soy or other vegetable product that has been processed to look and function like meat or dairy… Continue reading Is Real Fasting – Soy Everything?


Fr Shenouda Mansour – On ABC Radio!

 You may recall that on new years’s day this year, a Coptic church in Alexandria was bombed as the worshippers were leaving mass, and 21 people were killed. The Alexandrian governor accused al-Qaida of being responsible, though no group has claimed responsibility. Since January 25th, Egypt has been in a complex progress of rapid political… Continue reading Fr Shenouda Mansour – On ABC Radio!



In the past 24-48 hours the Egyptian Army, the force that is supposed to unite the people has showed its clear intention against the Coptic Christians. In the aftermath of the January 25th revolution, prisoners were released into the wadi natroun desert where several Coptic Monasteries are present. Following orders from the police force and… Continue reading A Sad Day For Copts *GRAPHIC FOOTAGE*


US Senate Condems Jan 1 Attacks

In response to the tragic terrorist attack against Coptic Orthodox Christians at al-Qideseen Church in Alexandria during New Year’s Eve prayers, the United States Senate has passed Senate Resolution 22. According to its sponsor, Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey), the resolution “condemns the New Year’s Day attack; calls on Mubarak to identify, locate, and prosecute… Continue reading US Senate Condems Jan 1 Attacks


Pope Shenouda's Statement On The Egyptian Revolution!

On 15 February 2011 Pope Shenouda met with a small committee of the Holy Synod that released the following statement: The Coptic Church praises Egypt’s honest youth, the Youth of 25 January who led Egypt in a resilient white revolution and sacrificed precious blood, the blood of the nation’s martyrs who were hailed by Egypt’s… Continue reading Pope Shenouda's Statement On The Egyptian Revolution!


Will Our Bodies Ascend?

Since, again, some who are reckoned among the orthodox go beyond ‎the pre-arranged plan for the exaltation of the just, and are ignorant of the ‎methods by which they are disciplined beforehand for incorruption, they thus ‎entertain heretical opinions. For the heretics, despising the handiwork of God, ‎and not admitting the salvation of their flesh,… Continue reading Will Our Bodies Ascend?


Biography: Cyril Of Alexandria!

Our knowledge of St. Cyril’s childhood education and early upbringing is quite meager. According to St. Isidore of Pelusium and church historian Socrates, St. Cyril was born in Alexandria around the year 380. However, others rely on to the chronicles of John, Bishop of Nikiu in seventh century, who states that St. Cyril’s mother and… Continue reading Biography: Cyril Of Alexandria!


Prostrations & Orthodoxy!

An excerpt from the Book, Spirituality of the Rites of the Holy Liturgy, pp. 45-54 The Coptic Church, in its humble and meek spirit, teaches her children three types of prostration, or metanias (bowing). These are: prostrations of worship, repentance, and honor. 1. Prostrations of Worship These are the prostrations offered to God during our individual or public… Continue reading Prostrations & Orthodoxy!


Two Ways of Suffering!

People react quite differently when confronting suffering. Some cry out in anger; others rebel in frustration. Another might seek scapegoat to vent his frustrations. A fourth might instead abandon the way of purity and righteousness, and decide to live a life of pleasure and lust, feeling almost justified to lust for his light affliction. St. Cyril… Continue reading Two Ways of Suffering!


Fate Of Copts Ignored By Secular West!

Egypt’s long-suffering Coptic Christians are justified in their fear of an Islamic revolution A DISTURBING feature of the crisis in Egypt this week has been the paucity of any discussion of the implications of the decline of the Mubarak regime and the possible rise of fanatical Islamists for the Christians of Egypt. This applies particularly… Continue reading Fate Of Copts Ignored By Secular West!