An Apology & An Update!

Hey Guys As Some of you have realised over the last few days – my blog has been unfortunately hacked by an unknown hacker which has taken the website completely off the internet.

This has led me to redo the whole blog by deleting the initial database and transfer the blog over to a new server. Thank God i have been able to recoup all the previous posts and i have managed to reload all of them onto the blog.

To help wiith the security of the blog – i have transferred my domain to the more secure wordpress servers in the hope that a subsequent hacking does not occur.

Unfortunately, i have lost all the subscribitions to the blog from Jan 2011 onwards. For those that have subscribed since then – it would be awesome if you can just resubscribe again.

Email notifications of new additions to the blog will now be delivered in HTML format – I hope this doesnt cause to much concern.

The Contact Form is also functioning now – please feel free to offer your ideas, opinions and queries via that contact form.

On a lighter night the year anniversary for the blog has just passed and thanks to everyone who has supported the blog. Its passed 50000 hits already.

Please keep this blog in your prayers and pray for its success.

Happy Feast of The Cross

Bishoy M

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