The Latest From Alexandria, Egypt!

Al Jazeera is currently reporting that at least 21 copts have died and 35 have been injured in this mornings cruel and venomous attack by Muslim Extremists in Alexandria Egypt. At about 12.20am following New Years Eve service at the saints church in Sidi Bishr, militants abandoned a car filled with explosives and detonated it electronically a short time later killing many and injuring even more.

La Copts Italia is Reporting that as many as 45 copts have died in the incident with scores injured.

An eye witnesses told private television channel On-TV that he had seen a green Skoda car pull up outside the church shortly after midnight. Men got out and the explosion took place almost immediately after.

Footage of the exploded car is placed below!


Footage of the aftermath and the car on fire can be seen here –  WARNING – contains graphic footage – viewer discretion is advised!


No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks thus far.

Footage of the actual explosion and the pursuing aftermath can be found here – WARNING  – Contains Graphic Footage of the dead and Casualties. A women can be heard screaming that people are dead, while a man yells “They don’t deserve this”. Viewer discretion is advised.


Stay Tuned for further updates!


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