Australian House of Representatives – Discuss the Coptic Situation

Yesterday the Honourable member for the seat of Hughes, put forward the following motion That this House: (1) recognises that Coptic Christians in Egypt are suffering ongoing and increasing persecution; (2) condemns the recent attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt; (3) expresses its sympathy for Coptic Christians who have been victims of recent attacks in… Continue reading Australian House of Representatives – Discuss the Coptic Situation

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Cyril’s 12 Anathemas

Following intense arguments with Nestor, Cyril of Alexandria proposed the following 12 rules of which if any where broken, the individual would be anathematised, meaning formally set apart from the church, ie excommunicated. The council of Ephesus endorsed these rules and they are mentioned below. 1. If anyone does not confess that Emmanuel is God… Continue reading Cyril’s 12 Anathemas


ALJAZEERA: Copts & Muslims – An Overview

Many no doubt wondered what had happened to the celebrated revolution of civility, to the Tahrir of sacrifice and solidarity, as they watched the violent collisions between Christians and Muslims in Egypt over the past few weeks. Disturbing certainly, but they were neither unexpected nor as out-of-control as some may portray them. In the “natural” life of… Continue reading ALJAZEERA: Copts & Muslims – An Overview