Australian House of Representatives – Discuss the Coptic Situation

Yesterday the Honourable member for the seat of Hughes, put forward the following motion

That this House:
(1) recognises that Coptic Christians in Egypt are suffering ongoing and increasing persecution;
(2) condemns the recent attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt;
(3) expresses its sympathy for Coptic Christians who have been victims of recent attacks in Egypt; and
(4) calls on the Government to:
(a) issue a public statement condemning the ongoing attacks against the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt;
(b) make immediate representations to the United Nations to end the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt; and
(c) strongly urge the Egyptian Government to provide equal rights and protection for all Egyptian citizens regardless of race or religion

Below is a link to the Hansard from yesterdays sitting of the House of Representatives. The key page is 147 onwards where full speeches have been transcribed.

CLICK HERE for Hansard

One thought on “Australian House of Representatives – Discuss the Coptic Situation

  1. One of which business, i think I must be at odds with certain of this since this is a issue I considered in my preceding existence. Even so, not every single one of your points appear to be unsuitable.

    As a final note , let me thank you for your patience with my English as (I’m certain you have become aware this at this moment ,), English is not my principal tongue thus I am utilizing Google Translate to shape out what to compose what I truly intend to voice.

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