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First hand witness reports are starting to come through!

Mena an eye hand witness told “CTV” that the bombs were calculated and cruel. At around 12.30 Mena witnessed a man get out of car while on his mobile phone, while running away – Soon after the car exploded wiping 5 cars next to it. Following the 1st explosion the priest of the church ordered the people to remain calm and leave from other doors.

However the terrorists were waiting with a second car bomb at the external exit and detonated it as soon as parishioners began to leave. A 3rd car bomb then exploded next to St Mark’s hospital on the side of the church killing and injuring even more.

What amazes me as well as many Egyptians is how cars managed to park outside a church when by law this is banned?  Where were the security forces that protect churches at this time? Where were the police for the pursuing two hours after the attack? Were these attacks truly terrorist driven or government approved?

If the aim of the terrorists was to frighten my fellow brothers in the faith their plan backfired.

Following the three bombs and half an hour before security forces began arriving at the church, Bishop Morkos of El Gharbeya arrived at the church and calmed the people down and commenced the midnight prayers.

The local morgue has also released the bodies of the martyrs for transportation to St Minas Monastery in Mairut outside Alexandria for burial prayers.

Bishop Yoannis Is on his way to the monastery to preside in the funeral prayers for these martyrs.

He stated passionately not long ago that the “Voice of their blood cries out from the Ground.”

More Soon!

Bishoy Marcus

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