Sunday School

Fear God, Honour The King!

In the 1st Epistle of Peter 2:17 we find this wonderful phrase which really evokes much thought as it really is the fundamental way any Christian should live his life!

  • I guess the 1st question we need to answer is how do we Fear God? Are we not supposed to love him? How can we have a close relationship if I am scared of Him?
    • These are all very valid questions, however they all arise because of a misunderstanding about what the Fear of God really is!
    • When the bible mentions the phrase Fear God, it means Fear him in reverence, in awe.
      • The Deacons says this in the Liturgy, “Attend to the Lord in awe and reverence”, Simply put attend in Fear!
  • Still what does this mean? A true Christian is the one who lives his life fearing that he will upset his Creator.
    • In everything they do they think of the Creator.
    • In everything they say they think of the Creator
    • In everything they watch they think of the Creator and so on!
  • In the bible we have examples of several examples of wonderful people who feared God.
    • In Genesis 22 we encounter the story of Abraham who is about to Slay His Son Isaac. The Lord rewards him because he Feared God!
    • In Genesis 42 we encounter the story of Joseph who asks his brothers to keep Simeon their youngest brother while they took grain to Israel. He says his famous line in verse 48, “Do this and live, for I Fear God”.
    • In the story of Jonah, the people of Ninevah Feared God and where saved.
    • In these three examples of which there are many we see that the Lord is with those who Fear him.
  • David the Psalmist dedicated Psalm 34 to the blessings the Lord bestows upon those who fear him.
    • The Angel of the Lord Encamps around those who Fear him!
    • There is no want to those who Fear Him, You will have everything you need!
    • The eyes of the Lord will be upon you.
    • His Ears will be open to the words of the Righteous
    • The Lord makes himself near to you when you are broken hearted
    • The Lord delivers you out of Troubles. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord will deliver you out of them all.
    • He will guard all your bones!
    • The Lord will redeem you!
    • You will not be condemned.
  • So what happens if we do not have the Fear of God in our Lives.
    • Consider the story of Samson, Did Not Fear God and slept with Delilah and lost his powers.
    • Saul did not Fear God and Lost his Kingdom.
    • The People at the time of Noah, Did not Fear God and died.
    • The People of Sodom and Gomorrah, Did not Fear God and were burnt alive.
    • The Left Hand thief did not Fear God and lost Eternity
    • Ananias & Saphira did not Fear God and dropped Dead!

As you can see, we must strive to learn to do everything with God in mind.

This is a summary of the Lesson given to St Barbara & St Noufers Sunday School Class (yr 10-12) on Sunday 30th /5/2010.

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