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Canons of Holy Bread Baking!

Im involved in making the Holy Bread at St Barbara & St Noufers Coptic Orthodox Church! Amongst the guys who bake the Holy Bread or “Orban”, we were discussing whether there were actually any guidelines or canons on how the Holy Bread should be made.
Being Me, i stumbled across the Following book from the 13th Century.
” The Collection Of Safey Ibn Al-Assal (Safey The Son Of The Honey Meaker) A Collection Of Church And Civil Laws Based on The Norms and Traditions of the Coptic Orthodox Church From 13th Century A.D (1245).
In this book we find the following rules  in relation to baking the Holy Bread.

1. Chapter 13:1 – Regarding ingredients.

“On the altar they can only offer bread of pure wheat and grape juice and the wine can not be replaced with wines that goes one to get drunk or cooked on a fire and they bring the grains of wheat and the grape fruit in the beginning of its season to the altar.”
2.Chapter 13:2 – Regarding finances
The offerings should be prepared from the treasury of the Church, but if it had no money it prepares what is brought in”
3.Chapter 13:4 Also found in the Descalia point 38 – Regarding offering days
“The offerings shall be made weekly on: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and any feast in between.
4.”Chapter 13:12 – Regarding time of baking
The bread used for ‘Qurbaan’ should be baked the same day and should not be kept for a following day. We differ in that than other Churches who use dried bread or bread wafers and store large amounts for long periods
5.Chapter 13:13 – Regarding Cracking
It should not broken when it is brought in but free from any fault”

As you can see not much has changed in the Coptic Church, even the making of the Holy Bread is esteemed in Tradition!
Bishoy Marcus

3 thoughts on “Canons of Holy Bread Baking!

  1. Hahahhah i havent landed on these types of canons yet! I think you have bigger stuff to worry about though!

    God Bless Your Orban Efforts or Lack Of lol!

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