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Different Denominations

Many times i have been  asked whats the difference between the Orthodox, Protestant & Catholic Faith.

This post is a summary of the main beliefs in regards to the key areas of similarity and differences.

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Note: This was used in a Sunday School Lesson at St Barbara & St Noufer’s Coptic Orthodox Church year 10-12 on 09/05/2010

6 thoughts on “Different Denominations

  1. nice…. couple of additions could be fasting,
    Orthodox worship towards the East; Roman Catholics, not necessarily.
    In the Orthodox Liturgy, the “bread” of the Eucharist is “leavened”, catholics it is unleavened (without yeast)
    Orthodox clergy wear beards; Papist clergy are generally beardless.

    These are all minor diffrences and are often the result of culture. Perhaps in the future other differences can be discussed… but this is really nice.

  2. In regards to sacraments, a difference between the catholic confirmation from the orthodox in that in the catholic church you need to reach a certain age approx 12. as defined by the catholic church as the ‘age of reason’.

    In regards to the saints, isnt St Mary a more prominent figure in the catholic church than the orthodox church?

    I think with your final categorgy, worship and litury, you could’ve expanded on it further ie. naming the different types of liturgies the orthodox have. A obvious difference between the demoninations you have discussed is the duration of the liturgy (time) and the structure.

  3. Thanks for the comments

    I take your comments on board and this was meant to be just a quick overview of theological and dogmatic differences.

    I purposely tried not to focus on culture, For culture will not get us to heaven it is our Faith and Works!

    In the future i would love to expand on these issues mentioned in more detail.

    Pray 4 Me


  4. The structure of the liturgy, hymns, duration and so on.

    The Priests garments ie beards, black etc

    And So On

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