Mission & Service

The African Mission

One would think that the Coptic Church would have flourished in Africa, however this could not be further from the truth. It was not till the works of a great man in spreading the faith to the people of Africa that the fullness and richness of the Coptic Church reached its four corners.

This man is none other than the Veteran Missionary HG Bishop Antonios Morkos, Below is a small biography on this man, who changed the way Africans worship!
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++His Grace Bishop Antonious Markos - Bishop of African Affairs

As a child HG Bishop Antonios Morkos was brought up in a God fearing family.  So much is his family dedicated to God that two of his brother’s became Priests and his cousin a Bishop.

When he was a young man he served a small rural village outside of Cairo.  Here the seed of Mission was planted in his heart.  He wanted to spread the word of God to all people near and far.  He often thought of the people who were outside of Egypt, people who had not heard of the true Christian faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church.  The desire to preach the Word of God in Africa was in his heart.

In December 1959 he finished medical school and his heart was occupied with how to serve those who have no one.


On May 26 1966 he departed Cairo Airport for Ethiopia.  He was blessed and directed by the reposed His Holiness Pope Kyrellos VI and guided by his spiritual father Bishop Shenouda (Currently His Holiness Pope Shenouda III).

This began his life in Mission.  He was a “tentmaker” missionary.  Using his medical career to support his missionary work.  For the next ten years he would serve the people of Ethiopia spiritually, medically and socially.

In 1975 after the assassination of Emperor Haile Sellasie and a reveloution in Ethiopia, the doctor decided to return back to Egypt.  Once in Egypt he decided it was time to fulfill his vows and entered the monastery of The Baramos in Wadi Natrun.  He became a monk under the name Father Antonious The Baramos.

In early 1976 His Holiness PopeAfrican Youth Conference Leaders Shenouda III blessed and sent the monk, Father Antonious, to start full time missionary work in Kenya.  Latter that year returned to Egypt for a period of rest.  To his surprise on The Feast of Pentecost, June 12 1976, at the hands of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III he was ordained Bishop Antonious Markos, Bishop of African Affairs.

From that time His Grace Bishop Antonious Markos has established over 35 churches in 10 African countries.  The full details of this glorious mission can be read in his books,

Come Across and Help Us and Theology of Mission – Click HERE.

These books are available online for download and printing.

His Grace has traveled the globe giving seminars on Mission.  He is spends almost two months each year serving the Coptic Youth worldwide at regional youth conventions.

May the work of this Great Man continue for many years to Come

God Bless

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