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During the times of Fr Pishoy Kamel, there was a Muslim kid who used to sit Fr Bishoy Kamalin the balcony daily.

Whenever Fr Pishoy would walk by after the liturgy or service this kid would chuck orange peels at him and say all kinds of insulting things. This would never deter Fr Pishoy Kamel who would walk along as if nothing happened.

It happened at one stage that one day no orange peels came from the balcony, so Fr Pishoy looked up and could not find the kid, so he went away thinking the kid wasn’t home.

When this happened for a few days in a row,       Fr Pishoy went to this flat and knocked on the door. When the mum opened Fr Pishoy inquired about the kid, his mum said he was extremely ill.

When Fr Pishoy went to his room he gave the child a present. A Bag of oranges and said “I missed what you do everyday”

My friends this is pure love that wins hearts.

From that day on the child would sit in the balcony and cordially salute Fr Pishoy as he walked passed!

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