15 thoughts on “Fr Dawood Lamey

    1. انا عندي اسىله كثيره اريد ان اسألها انا أعيش في هولندا ماكو عندنا كنيسه قبطيه أو عربيه مسيحيه بس انا اذهب الى الكنيسه الهولنديه وانا أصلا من العراق وانا ارثوذكسية انا احي ابونا لمعي كثيرا واسمع كل يوم له خطبه سؤال كيف اخدم في الكنيسه

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  2. Thank you for the new website – a lot easier to navigate. God bless all the people involved – great help for people outside Egypt. 🙂

  3. God bless you father Daood for all what you are doing. I would like to thank you because you and your bible explanation and sermons are my friend during the hard time. It is through these hard time and your work that I am getting closer to the Lord. Sincerely if you ever come to Nagara Falls Canada or near by I would be forever grateful if I could have 5 minutes of your time.
    Thank you aver so much
    Habib Gouel
    Niagara Falls

  4. كيف أستطيع ان أتواصل مع قدس أبونا داود لمعي
    الرَّب يدم لنا خدمتك ويعوضك تعب محبتك

  5. Dear Fr Daoud Lamei in Christ,
    May God bless you and blessed mother Mary protect you.i heard that you are kind hearted religious Coptic orthodox priest as I saw your video online,May God bless you,I am Father Suleman orthodox priest from Lebanon country,I really like the spirituality of Coptic orthodox church of Alexandria holy see saint mark and I believe God chose me in this blessed church of Egypt. please help me.Father Nadeem

  6. Good evening father Daoud,

    I need come in touch with you please , I have huge problems with may only son.

    Best kinds

    Vivian Paules

  7. Salam our Beloved Father Abouna Daoud
    my weakness living in NJ since more than
    20 years our church thanks God really doing great Job in service , servants, Deacons … etc
    But due to this International Epidemic of Corona
    I have rotating question in my mind causing great headache to me now of course it’s time to return back to our Lord Fasting and pray of course all of us are great sinner and my weakness is the first but what’s the role of church especially in these days in which all illegal became legal especially LBBTQ law
    lastly they gone start to teach its curriculum
    To our kids starting September 2020 so what’s the church roll not only protect our kids but also to invite others lost people to the right and
    field of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    I apologize Abona for long message
    Please forgive and pray for my weakness.
    Emad Mikhael
    Bayonne NJ

  8. Hi, my message is for Abouna Dawood Lamey.
    I would like to know if we are obliged to confess all our sinners? And if I cannot confess a sin before abouna is it okay if I confess only to God?

    Thank you for your reply.

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