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Athanasious the Apostolic on Resurrection!

And let us not forget that which Paul delivered, declaring it to the Corinthians; I mean His resurrection, whereby ‘He destroyed him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;’ and raised us up together with Him, having loosed the bands of death, and vouchsafed a blessing instead of a curse, joy instead… Continue reading Athanasious the Apostolic on Resurrection!

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The Greatest Lie Ever Told – Part 3

Continuing on from his last post on the troubles associated with the Theory of Evolution, Daniel Ayad discusses the concept of Chemical, Stellar and Planetary Evolution in his latest post on the Greatest lie Ever Told! Succint and Brilliantly written. If you disagree or agree and would like to contribute please comment and we will… Continue reading The Greatest Lie Ever Told – Part 3

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His Sweat Became Like Drops of Blood!

┬áThe drops of blood that Jesus sweat in the Garden of Gethsemane surely fulfills “the anguish of His soul” that Isaiah spoke of. We are told of this incident only in the gospel of Luke. That seems appropriate because Luke was a physician and he would have been very interested in medical details. The sweating… Continue reading His Sweat Became Like Drops of Blood!