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A night in the barracks!

ImageLast Saturday Amanda gave me the following story from her Grandma!

“Pray for those who persecute you”

Matt 5:44

A soldier made it his practice to end each day with Bible reading and Prayer. As the others gathered in their barracks and retired for the night, he’d kneel by his bunk. Some of them saw this and began to mock him. But one night, the abuse went beyond words. As he bowed down to pray, one soldier threw his boots and hit him in the face. The others jeered, looking for a fight but there was no retaliation. The next morning when the boot thrower woke up, he couldn’t believe what he saw. There at the front of his bed were his boots – polished and returned.

Imagine shining the boots that kick you! That calls for grace. It means deciding what your response will be before the offence comes!

Why did Jesus pray from the cross, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do”?

Because he understood that people who have been raised a particular way, who are driven by certain forces, who have preconceived ideas, need God. And he saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate the mercy of God.

This requires more than church on Sunday Religion. It calls for a Christ like, example setting, love-displaying response that makes others sit up and take notice.

Your rights and your ego are NOT the issue, the one you represent is!

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