General Spirituality

Counting The Cost!

By Bishoy Marcus

Have you ever felt that the world is against you and that you are the only one rallying for a cause? If yes then this post is for you.

The first distinction we need to make is what is your cause?

Is your cause like that of St Athanasius the Great who at the age of 20 rallied against the world defending the faith against heretics to the extent that he his followers wrote saying “the world is against you Athanasius” to which he famously replied “And I am against the world”. Or is your cause more temporal and earthly.

This distinction is vital in determining your course of action. Is your cause backed up by the fathers and teachings of the church, or is your cause just based on feelings and emotions or simply personal desire?

If your course of action is based on the teachings of the church, I think you should continue on in your course of action for it is the saints who will defend you against the world when they attack you.

To those who do not have such a foundation or motivation behind their cause, then it’s time for some hard soul searching and honesty.

Christ encourages this type of individual to sit down first and count the cost of whatever he is doing lest he begin his journey or project and is not able to continue and is left in the wilderness where every passer by calls him a fool.

What does it mean to sit down and count the cost of your cause?

Ask yourself the following

  1. What is my aim, what am i trying to achieve?
    1. Is it for personal gain or to get back at someone or is my selfish ego the one pushing me on. What is your motivation?
  2. What do others around me say?
    1. People that criticise you and your actions may be offering you very sound advice. Have you sat down with yourself and thought about what the people say, or do you tell yourself they are all wrong and I am the only one that is right?
  3. How much of a personal toll will this have on my life?
    1. Is it likely to break my family apart, make me lose friends or is it likely to foster the spirit of Christ in those whom I meet.
  4. Have i sought the guidance of those around me?
    1. What is the opinion of your family, your friends, your father of confession, the bible, GOD!

There is much more that can be said about sitting down with oneself and counting the cost. But I think this suffices for now.

Good Luck counting the cost of your Cause!

You don’t want to be called a fool!

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