General Spirituality

Your Sins Are Forgiven You!

When the Savior says to him, “Man, your sins are forgiven you,” he addresses this to humankind in general. For those who believe in him, being healed of the diseases of the soul, will receive forgiveness of the sins which they formerly committed. He may also mean this: “I must heal your soul before I heal your body. If this is not done, by obtaining strength to walk, you will only sin more. Even though you have not asked for this, I as God see the maladies of the soul which brought on you this disease.”

Cyril of Alexandria

The gospel of the fifth Sunday talks about Bethsaida which symbolizes Baptism. We, the crowds of Christians, were beside it sick, lame, blind and paralyzed, suffering every spiritual sickness. The Angel that moves the water symbolizes the Holy Spirit Who comes down on the water of baptism.

This is our share in Christ: those who are baptized have ever in the Father even if they have been sick for 38 years.

The practice of this week is to hope and never to despair. Baptism has given us the grace of sonship and children are never disappointed in their hopes in the love of the Father.

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