Bishoys Blog 2.0

Hey Everyone,

Firstly and foremostly id like to Thank my Lord Jesus, for helping me in this transition and the success of this blog.

Secondly i would like to apologise for all these emails – im just trying to iron out the last few bugs, please bear with me.

The 1st version of the blog attracted over 33000 hits in just over 9 months which exceeded all my expectations. However as the site grew day by day, hour by hour, i realised that the blog needed to change, it needed to grow, it needed to offer more!

However i was limited because the blog was hosted on wordpress.com which was very limited in its user functionality.

To combat this the site has been transferred to an external webhost, and wordpress.org has become the foundation underlying the blog.

SO whats all this mean?

1. From now on the blogs domain will be http://www.bishoysblog.com instead of http://www.stnoufer.wordpress.com

2. Starting January 1, Every day will see the podcast of a new sermon – or contemplation that can directly be downloaded through itunes or streamed live over the net. However the will be hosted on a seperate site – which requires a seperate subscription – the site is www.bishoysblog.com/podcasts/wordpress

3. Posts will now incorporate galleries as well as video which will be wonderful as festivities pop up throughout the year.

4. A “Daily Readings” Tab has been added – which will provide the daily readings of the Coptic Orthodox Church for everyone to read

5. Daily blogs will continue, bringing blogs from all around the world capturing the orthodox mind and spirit.

6. A Daily verse will be visible on the side bar for those who just want a quick spiritual lift.

This is just but a taste of what is to come

Please feel free to offer any submissions you would like to see placed on the blog, whether it be sermons, videos, hymns or articles.

If you have any suggestions, positive and negative, please feel free to use the new contact form on the blog to email me.

Please Keep this blog in your prayers.


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