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The Tools Are The Same, Just Use Them Wisely!

As we were video conferencing today with the children’s hospital, a colleague of mine stood up and took a whiteboard marker and started drawing on the whiteboard. Within minutes a brilliant caricature was drawn, fine detail and all – it was completed with such ease that i was left in awe staring at the board. I thought to myself how weird it was that if I had stood up to draw what had been drawn, it would have taken eternity with little or no avail.

As the lecture continued my mind wandered off, as i began to realise that in Christianity the tools we use are all the same however some of us are just better at using them than others.

When we meet our fathers the monks who live in the deserts, we feel peace just looking at them. When we see them walking around so serenely we feel peace and joy in their every step. When we look at our saints, we see miracles being performed with the simplest of signs – the Cross!

How could this be, why are these people so different to us? They all have a bible, the Agpia (book of hourly prayers), they have the sacraments and so on. But so do I!

At that very moment I came to realise, that the tools are the same, but the way they are utilised, is so very different.

As the lecture went on and on, I remembered the words of David the psalmist who wrote in Psalm 45:1, “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer”. These words really did come alive at this moment. As Christians we must be ready to proclaim to the world how we have used our tools for the glory of God.

In the liturgy of St Basil we hear the line “And he taught us the ways of salvation”, for this reason we must live these ways otherwise we will become like the Pharisees who were labelled by Christ as “White washed tombs”.

We all have the tools my friends, I think it’s time that we begin to use them, because the sky is the limit if we do!

Bishoy Marcus

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