General Spirituality

Knowing God In Time & Knowledge

God is truth and life and everlasting light. The knowledge of truth is participation in truth; the knowledge of light is illumination.

Man, through his loss of the knowledge of God, has lost the truth within himself, and has lost eternal life and light. He can no longer perceive anything by the passage of time sweeping past him and over -powering him till he falls dead beneath it.

All possible avenues to the knowledge of God were prepared for man; it is the knowledge of God that saves man from falling under the dominion of time and its illusory finality in death.

The knowledge of God is His constant revelation in the minds and hearts of all people through communication and love, and it is also being in constant joyful union with the source of being that is a guarantee of life and immortality.

This inevitably causes us to rise above the passage of time and death till we sense that we are greater than time, higher than events, and truer and more lasting than death.

Excerpt taken from the book- The Communion of Love, by: Matthew the Poor.

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