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I Want To Be A Deacon! Epideacon – Subdeacon

Epideacon is a Greek word consisting of two parts: “epi” i.e. under or helper, and “deacon” i.e. deacon, so the meaning is deacon’s helper.

Conditions for ordaining:

1. He is not to be less than 20 years old in normal conditions, except if he is brilliant and outstanding in the church’s service, he is as wise as the elders and as honest as the saints.

2. He is to be recommended by the people and priests.

3. Everyone witnesses that he is of good manners and deeds.

His responsibilities:

1. To guard the church’s doors of heretics and animals.

2. To organise seating in the church: men in their specific places, women in theirs, virgins and nuns in theirs, etc.

3. To light the church’s lanterns.

4. To look after the church’s books, priests and servants clothes.

5. To prepare the censors.

6. To help the deacon, or replace him in emergencies.

These jobs are added to the previous jobs of Aghnostos, and do not delete them, so he can act as Aghnostos if needed.

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