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How To Benefit From The Holy Liturgy!

During the Holy Liturgy, angels and Archangels, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, together with all the heavenly hosts are present and are surrounding the altar with great glory. At the awesome moment when the priest calls on the Holy Spirit to transform the bread and wine present on the altar into the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord, He is present amidst the praising of His holy angels.

The time we spend in church during the Liturgy is a slice of heaven on earth. The glory might be hidden from our eyes because we are still in the flesh, but many desired to see His glory and indeed did see and are witnesses to the testimony. Yet despite all these glories, many express that they do not benefit from attending the Holy Liturgy. So, how can one benefit from the Liturgy?

CLICK HERE for a brief point form summary of how we can benefit from the Holy Liturgy.

This lesson was given to Yr 10-12 Sunday School @ St Barbara & St Noufer’s Coptic Orthodox Church on 4/7/2010

2 thoughts on “How To Benefit From The Holy Liturgy!

  1. there is something wrong in your pdf. at the last point you have “we woship You O Christ with You Good Father And the Son and the Holy Spirit.” but we are already calling on the Son when we say O Christ. So to say we worship Christ …and the Son is wrong because it is the same being. just thought you should know.

  2. Hey Michael thanks heaps for the pick up – moment of craziness!

    It should have read

    1. Then bow your head three times saying –
    a. I worship you O Christ with
    b. Your Good Father
    c. And the Holy Spirit for you have come and saved us

    Please forgive

    Im sure this is what i said in class today! Thank God!


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