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Women in the Orthodox Church! Part 2

Women have their energetic and positive role in the Coptic Orthodox Christian Church. For example:

Ø  Those who wish to consecrate their life to God may become nuns. They play an important role in the life of families and their convents are spiritual centers for the people.

Ø  Abbesses have a leading role to attract, guide and raise many young women in the ascetic life.

Ø  Devoted virgins serve in various fields of church service. Others are ordained as deaconesses.

Ø  The wife of a priest serves her family and her congregation. She sets an example through her spirituality and dedication to the upbringing of the Christian family.

Ø  Many women teach Sunday School children and lead in other activities.

Ø  Some talented women serve and conduct the church choir and other musical activities.

Ø  Some lead women’s meetings and activities and look after other women.

Ø  They serve the widows, orphans and children. St. James considered such service the pure religion. (James 1:27)

Ø  Others are dedicated to serving the needy.

Ø  Some help the elders at nursing homes and the sick at hospitals.

Ø  Others serve in spiritual social activities at the church such as daycare, kindergarten, the church library or the bookstore.

Ø  Some women are interested in fundraising activities to support the church’s needs.

Ø  Women also serve as Church Board members.

The greatest responsibility of a woman is pastoral care for children in order to prepare a new generation for the church. Jochebed, the mother of Moses, for example, was a holy woman in history, who instilled faith in him during his childhood. Due to the teaching given by this holy woman to her son Moses, in the palace of Pharaoh, he lived 40 years in the palace, among many pharaonic worships and many idols, not only a man of faith but a hero of faith. One of our problems today is that women have no time to care for their children.

This was part of the Lesson Given to St Barabara & St Noufer Coptic Orthodox Church – Sunday School Year 10-12

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