History & Tradition

Why is it called the Kneeling Prayers?

It was customary in the apostles era that the congregation prayed the kneeling prayers standing. It is said that the reason for kneeling, as is done in our days, goes back to what happened one time while the Antiochian Patriarch Macarious was saying the petitions that a great wind blew just like what occurred in the upper room of zion on the feast of pentecost. So the congregation knelt worshipping from fear and asking for mercy. So the wind ceased and when they stood, to continue in prayers, the wind blew a second time. So they worshipped again and the wind ceased. They stood once more and the wind returned and they knelt and the wind clamed. They knew it was the will of God that desires that these prayers are performed while kneeling in respect. May the blessings of the Sagada (Kneeling) prayers be with us all AMEN

 CLICK HERE For the hymn of Pentecost “Piepnevma” in Coptic! (7.68mb, right click, save as  recommended – Requires Real Player)

Also check out the following video from John Wakil

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