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Hymns of Resurrection Part 1

A curious custom of the Coptic Church is the liturgy is prayed and sung in Coptic, the original language of ancient Egypt. The Church keeps alive the language of the pharaohs, which was written in hieroglyphics, hieratic and demotic and now a modified version of the Greek alphabet, Egyptian written in Greek and demotic (the Copt) was gradually being forgotten, lost ground to the Arabic and thus became incomprehensible. However, the Coptic Church preserved the ancient Egyptian language by tradition thanks to its rites. The video shows images and also religious Copts of pharaonic Egypt, the Copts are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians who have become Christians.

This New Series will focus on the hymns of the Easter Season sung in the Church.

Below is the Hymn Onimnai


O what a, O what a, O what a harmonious tune

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