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Interview with the Last Anchorite!

Father Lazarus, is a hermit on the mountain of St. Anthony. His life is one of detachment, silence, and solitude. Those things are not about absence but rather presence. They are practices and ways of life that open us to the very heart of God. They are interior conditions that we can each cultivate regardless of the exterior environment or geography in which we live.

Below is a two-part interview of Father Lazarus.

2 thoughts on “Interview with the Last Anchorite!

  1. I am inspired by Fr. Lazarus. I wish to know more about his life and in fact, specifically his way on to conversion into the Coptic Orthodox Church. Might you have any other information about this holy man?


  2. Hey Mina

    Not at the moment but i will do my best to find more about this wonderful hermit!

    God Bless

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